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Course objective:  To teach the basic theory behind electromagnetic locating, understand the different functions and options offered by today’s instruments, and learn how to maximize its use in the field.  The course is oriented toward everyday applications. 
Who will benefit from this course?  Water and wastewater operators, technicians, engineers, supervisors, foremen and others involved in locating underground utilities will benefit by learning how locators work, and why they behave in certain ways in real world applications.  The course consists of 2.5 hours classroom presentation plus 30 minutes hands-on use of equipment (indoors or outdoors depending on weather). 
3.0 Training Contact Hours for NJ-Licensed Water/Wastewater Operators.  TCH Course Number 04-101502-30
3.0 Hours toward license renewal for NJ Certified Public Works Managers: DLGS-NJWA-87 # (3.0 Technical)

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7/23/20248:30am to 12:00pm

An anticipated impact of the lead & copper rule revision is an increase in both the overall use, and concentration of corrosion additives. This class will help with understanding how CCT decisions can affect the greater environment around us and specifically how those decisions impact both drinking and wastewater chemical treatments. By utilizing equilibrium-blended phosphate, utilities can control corrosion by using up to 90% less phosphorus while minimizing the impacts of chemical treatment decisions as a whole.

Matt Tyrrell is the RSM for the Mid-Atlantic Region for Aqua Smart Inc. Mechanical Engineer and former Marine having over 7 years of experience in the water industry. Lives in Philadelphia with his wife and two stepdaughters who live nearby.
Locations and Dates:
July 25, 2024: Brooklawn Senior Community Center, 101 2nd Street, Brooklawn (Camden County)
3.0 Training Contact Hours for NJ-Licensed Water/Wastewater Operators:
TCH Course Number 04-072302-30
3.0 Hours toward license renewal for NJ Certified Public Works Managers:
DLGS-NJWA-#251 (3.0 Technical)

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7/25/20248:30am to 12:00pm

Valves are a crucial asset to maintain control over the distribution system. Properly functioning valves are critical to a utility’s operation. This course will provide in-depth instruction of all aspects of the various distribution valves including styles, operation, issues, maintenance, and installation. The discussion will include gate valves, butterfly valves, and check valves. 
Lunch will be provided compliments of Mueller Water Products.

July 30, 2024: Wall Township Public Works, 2301 Tiltons Corner Road, Wall, Monmouth County

Certified for 4.0 Training Contact Hours for NJ-Licensed Water and Wastewater Operators.  TCH Course Number: 04-122002-30
Certified for 4.0 Hours (Technical) for Certified Public Works Managers.
CPWM Number: DLGS-NJWA-208

*This is a repeated course in the 2021-2024 cycle. Please check your course numbers. 

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7/30/20248:30am to 1:30pm

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